Detox class at Ascend

By Shane YoungJuly 3, 2012

Ascend Body hosted a post-holiday detox workshop throughout the month of February.
This workshop embodied the core values that our studio represents, namely a holistic approach to increasing vitality and overall health and well-being by addressing four factors; diet, quiet time, proper exercise and happiness (moving towards alignment with one’s dreams.)

In this workshop, we focused on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being and how they’re intertwined with our relationship to food. We encouraged clients to minimize or eliminate their intake of caffeine, foods that contain gluten, dairy, and sugar and salt (table salt). Instead, we supported them in partaking in foods that are organic, whole and vital- the way nature intended! We also encouraged participants to drink at least half of their body weight in quality, filtered water.

To encourage the participants to remain on course, they each set an intention of what they hoped to receive from the workshop. Further tools provided to help them succeed included: working with a peer and group support, private FB group; sharing recipes and discussing applicable solutions to overcome challenges and obstacles.

After two weeks into the detox, participants experienced better fitting clothes, increased focus and concentration, muscle definition and an overall sense of feeling lighter and free.

Throughout the course of the workshop, guest speakers covered insights and discussed the importance of: balanced nutrition, “working-in” exercises based in chi gung and building energy (versus “working-out” and expending energy), quiet time and an intro to meditation. These are all core values and beliefs that contribute to one’s overall sense of happiness and well-being. In our forth week we introduced participants into Metabolic Typing and how to “get back into the real world” post detox.

Each week offered an insightful take home message that further contributed to the individual’s success. These included: acknowledgment that proper planning produces success; alternative solutions that help satisfy cravings for sweets and starches; and sharing book and website references as they pertain to holistic living.

It is truly rewarding to experience individuals raising their body to a higher level through proper nutrition. Our detox workshop gave participants tools to help them succeed in their nutritional programming. Group support, learning to eat clean, and using a holistic approach have all been useful tools toward achieving results and incorporating invaluable lifetime tools that keep us on the path towards achieving our utmost vitality!


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