Crunchy Change – Laura Alden Kamm

By Shane YoungOctober 23, 2012

I was born on the zero second of a new Moon. Evidently,
this cosmic grace predisposes me to be comfortable with, or at least understand, the nature of change. I find this to be true, as I am a content and purposeful explorer of life.


Flowing with change is normal. Yet, embedded within it are crunchy feelings and torrential currents which we all encounter.


Change organically propels us into uncharted territory. We meet feelings of ungroundedness and wrestle with control. What used to be our life suddenly or stealthily bends into a new form; a form which disorients and frightens us.


When I intuit the energy of someone dealing with unwanted change I see the sharpness of energy that feels like an attack. An attack on everything they have known. Change can toss our lives right out of the window and our emotions along with it.




Fall whispers to us, “Change can be dazzling.” What has bloomed in your life may need to fall away, making room for an opportune beginning. Change brings us face to face with our curious cyclical power. Can you feel it?


Like a temple top rising above kaleidoscopic leaves you, too, have a peaceful hidden temple sequestered within your shifting life. It is always there. It is your heart. It is your soulful consciousness that eternally knows.

If the crunchiness of change has exposed some messy stuff, mosey into it. Roll around. Toss it in the air. Rest in it and listen. If you find anxiousness or fear, know you are closing the gap toward truth.When you touch fear, kick it, or dare to merge with it you have the opportunity to fuse the vulnerable honesty of who you are with who you are becoming.

In celebration of crunchy change, I’ll add to Gandhi’s concept. Here’s to the crunch! Here’s to the power within – your power to embrace the change you wish to see in your life and to be in the world.

I will leave you with this knowing: “No matter the change you face, you have equal or greater amounts of courage and curiosity with which to meet that change.”


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