Catch Your Wave

By Shane YoungJanuary 1, 2017

Hey hey good morning I hope you are having a fabulous entry into 2017!

I’m here in Costa Rica and wanted to send a big hello and share a story from my time here.

First, It’s the new year and I am hearing lots of stories about people’s relationship to New Year’s resolutions. It’s definitely a mixed bag and people have different experiences and practices around them.

One I keep hearing is:

Why start, I failed  in the past!

New Years resolutions are like setting yourself up for failure

Make them and share them with others….don’t share them with others.

So what about that first one? We’ve all failed at something. Does that mean you give up?

I myself have failed… Here’s the quick story I want to share with you.

I just went out surfing yesterday for the first time since I was 17. I was determined to get back on that surf board and start a new relationship with surfing and the ocean.

When I was 17 and fresh off the farm, the most exciting thing I wanted to do was learn how to surf in California.

I arrived at Huntington Beach with some friends who were teaching me how to surf and had a pretty bad accident where I almost drowned. I was held down, wave after wave crashing on top of me. I realized if I didn’t let my body get limp and try and float, I’d surely drown. It scared the bejesus out of me and I haven’t been surfing since.

So here I am in Costa Rica, the beautiful water and waves, great group of people and I’m determined to get back on that board.

Within the first two hours I got scooped up by a wave that was bigger than I expected and got pummeled. It drug me along the bottom and again, I drank a gallon of water and also broke my surfboard in half (ouch).

I did the walk of shame up the beach. Several people asked to take pictures of me and my broken board. Was it humiliating or a badge of honor that I arrived back on the beach seemingly unscathed?

Am I going to give up? I could, but no, in fact we’re headed out this morning to catch some waves and I feel determined!

But it’s more than just  being determined to move through past failures and come out on top. I’m going to apply 6 of my own principles i’ve used in the past and let you know how I do….OK?

Root me on and I’ll let you know how I do!

Tomorrow, stay tuned for my list of principles to get and stay in the groove. Overcome past failures, obstacles that are “real” or perceived along with how I personally set INTENTIONS, not resolutions for the New Year.

Furthermore, let myself and the Ascend Team support YOU through new beginnings or even past failures in your health and fitness. We’ve got your back! Sign up for our 2017 #BEGIGANTIC Fitness and Nutrition Challenge that starts January 16th.

We’re here to support you!

~Shane and the Ascend Team


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