The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

By MarvinAugust 15, 2018

the benefits of a ketogenic diet

Hi Ascenders!


There are so many ways of eating right…or wrong. With all the diets out there, how do you know which one to follow? While we won’t pretend that there’s one right answer, this week we want to present you with one diet that our nutritionist, Marvin, highly recommends: the ketogenic diet.   


In case if you don’t know: A ketogenic diet is based on the principle that you should get 60-70% of your calories from fats, 20-30% from protein and the rest from carbs (mostly greens and other low calorie veggies). 


Why should you follow a keto diet? 

  1. Sugars and carbs can be addictive if we don’t control the intake and timing. In the end, sugar acts like a drug because of the dopamine your body produces when eating sugars. First it makes you feel good, but then you crave more and more of it which can cause in longterm diabetes.
  2. Sugars have only played a massive role in the human diet since the industrial age. Our bodies have not  yet adapted to the huge amounts of sugar products in our civilization. Our whole biological system still functions according to the diet humans consumed thousands of years ago: A lot of fats (mostly animals) and the protein they contained. The only carbohydrate resources where basically berries in the times of spring and summer. Also remember the following fact: It takes a 100.000 years for the genome to change 1/10 of 1% of the DNA. That means: There hasn’t been enough time for our bodies to adjust to the amount of carbs in the modern diet. 
  3. You probably have heard the term “You are what you eat”, right? Turn this around and you get “you eat what you are”. Our body is build out of cholesterol and saturated fats. The argument, that animal fats are bad for you (if we assume that you eat high quality organic, local and grass fed products without any hormones), it just not true. So we should feed our bodies with the right amount of what it’s build of: Fats (mostly from animals), protein and water/greens.
  4. A ketogenic diet will make your body fat melt. Whenever we eat carbs, insulin is released by the pancreas to digest the carbs. As it’s role of an building hormone, your body will stop losing fat at the same time and will store the carbs as fat into your system. The problem with carbs is the following: Because of our evolution, we never learned to use them properly. You body doesn’t know what to do with it and it can’t get rid of them. The only option is: Fat storage. In an reverse effect, with much less amount of carbs in your diet, you body will use the the fats on your love handles (assuming you hit a calorie deficit) to produce energy. Your waist will get smaller :).
  5. Not just a ketogenic diet can help people to loose body fat, but it can also help you build muscle (assuming you eat enough calories during your diet) for 2 reasons: First, fats contain 9.3 kcal/g and carbs just 4.1 kcal/g. So for all my people out there who struggle with gaining more muscle mass, because they can’t reach their calorie goals, a ketogenic diet can help you: You get more than double of the amount of calories in a same amount of food on your plate comparing to a carb based meal. Secondly, you basically eat more testosterone like before: Animal products contain the unbelievable important cholesterol which produces our sexual hormone testosterone. That will keep your stress levels low and your muscle mass up.


Enjoy todays recipe! 🙂


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