Benefits of Bone Broth Part 2

By Shane YoungNovember 17, 2014

I’ve sung hymns praising bone broth and I’ll continue to preach its merits! I’m even willing to go below the belt to convince you to start drinking bone broth now!

#Benefit 7: Get Em Boys! Bone Broth Increases Your Sperm Count

Many men often face the problem of producing a low sperm count; they wind up spending tons of money to make their sperm production normal. Here’s a secret guys: drink bone broth every day. You’ll be shocked with the results in just a month’s time.

Many statistics show that more than fifteen percent of couples suffer from infertility, and nearly half of those couples is because of male infertility. For men past forty, sperm DNA fragmentation normally occurs and the probability of sperm resulting in pregnancy reduces. Even men in their 30s can experience sperm related health problems. It is a great issue and Bone Broth can be the most useful solution.

#Benefit 8: Goodbye Cellulite! Bone Broth Makes Our Skin Smooth

When we become older, the production of our collagen decreases. Bone broth is the richest source of collagen. Bone broth makes our skin smoother as bone broth contains an abundance of connective tissues. Bone broth also helps to eliminate cellulite. Recent research has also shown that consuming enough gelatin before going bed helps to induce sleep.

Glycine also plays a very important role in our neurotransmitters within our brain. Bone broth not only will just improve sleep quality, but also it will help to reduce daytime sleepiness as well as also help to improve our memory during the waking hours.

#Benefit 9: Bone Broth Improves Muscle Building

Amino acids like arginine as well as glycine are found in pure bone broth and it fulfills the demand of protein. It is also known as protein-sparing. Your body has the ability to make better use of this protein. If you take bone broth regularly, you need not to go for any other extra protein sources.

You can easily cut your daily meat consumption. Make bone broth a part of your daily diet plan. Our digestive tract is basically made of muscles and also relies on enzymes simply to break down the foods, allowing for protein to hit the digestive system. It can cause nausea, indigestion and lack of appetite.

Protein-sparing makes it very difficult to process protein. Broth can be helpful to keep your protein up, even when your digestion is at its lowest.

#Benefit 10: Bone Broth Helps to Produce Blood Cells

Our body manufactures blood cells in our bone marrow. Bone marrow contains a very high concentration of effective stem cells that is able to produce new blood cells.

If you cook bone marrow, you will get everything that you need to build your new red as well as white blood cells. Bone Broth contains Gelatin and it helps to regenerate our red blood cells. Bone broth is also used for treatment of anemia.

Bones are associated with our kidney system. Bone marrow is related with our kidney Jing —deep level of human body. Jing actually symbolizes as well as represents the foundation, genetics, libido, life force, fertility, memory and also brain function. Ultimately, bone broth will improve all of this functionality.

Making bone broth at home is cost effective. You can make use of the left over carcass bones easily that would be thrown away otherwise. When making tasty broth, bones are available from any of your neighborhood butchers at an affordable price. But before you buy bone, you have to make it sure that the bones are from grass-fed animals like beef or wild-caught fish, or even pasture-raised chicken. It will ensure that the fat in this broth is less inflammatory as well as has higher nutritional value.

Bottom Line: People nowadays may not believe the healing power of bone broth, but it is the truth. It will not only improve your body muscles, but also keeps you healthy as well as effective. So Bone Broth is absolutely GOOD for you!


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