Be Radiant

By Shane YoungOctober 26, 2015

Living up to your fullest potential can help you radiant. You give off your own personal vibration, which has nothing to do with the way you look, but everything to do with the way you feel. Exercise can help you boost your radiance and glow, but it’s just the first step to becoming the best you that you can be and stepping out of the shadows of your former self and into the star you will become.

You are what you think you are.

Thoughts are things. They have a vibration that almost magically gives us back what we think we deserve or will achieve. It isn’t magic however. What you focus on often comes to pass. That’s because you do things to make it happen. If you focus on illness, emotional pain or other negative things, you’ll find them occurring in your life. If you focus on positive change, the good things and successes, you’ll have more of those. Worrying about ill health can stress you to the point you have poor health. Taking a positive approach to health makes a difference. If you feel the energy growing inside you every time you workout, it grows.

Love yourself.

Loving yourself isn’t narcissistic, it’s necessary. If you can’t love the person you are, you can’t love anyone else and they can’t love you. You know innately just what you need to do to be your best, but you have to trust yourself and listen to your body to achieve that. You are a miraculous creature capable of anything and the minute you realize it, you’ll be on the road to the best you that you can be. Learn how to eat healthy.

Cleanse your system and help your body be its best.

We all are loaded with toxins. Just living in today’s world means you’ll be assaulted by them from the minute you awaken in the morning. The food we eat is often filled with harmful substance. The air we breathe is too. In order to help your body be it’s best, cleansing your system by detoxing can be the answer. It will help you look more radiant on the outside and feel fantastic on the inside.

Treat yourself right and accept pampering. Don’t ignore those aches and pains. It’s your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. Pamper yourself with a massage to help you get back to your best.

Learn that you decide your future. No matter what anyone else says, you dictate what you’ll become and who you are. Trust yourself.

Exercise away stress. Not only will regular exercise help your body become stronger, exercising burns off the hormones created by stress and give your skin a radiant glow.

Get adequate sleep. There’s a time for everything and sleep is the time for the body to repair and the mind to process the events of the day. It’s as important as food. Learning to calm your mind for a good night’s rest can help.


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