Move Your Lungs, Move your Body (Part I)

By Shane YoungSeptember 5, 2013

Importance of Breathing and exercise- Part 1

Nothing is more important than the quality of our breathing. With the way our busy modern lives are, rushing from here to there; it’s no wonder many of us are forgetting to breathe properly.

As a CHEK practitioner, breathing is at the top of our totem pole, the most important aspect of our six principles that create an optimally healthy life when practiced well.

Oxygen is more than just air; it is a nutrient for the body that creates energy. It is so important, we need it more frequently than any other nutrient.

Oxygen is paramagnetic and has a positive charge in the body, while water is diamagnetic and carries a negative charge. Oxygen would be the positive pole on a magnet and the water in our body would be the negative pole on the magnet.

If you think of the basics of an electric motor, it is a magnet that spins in a circular motion, negative over positive, creating a charge that produces energy.

Oxygen creates and alkalinizing effect on the body, which is good for most people. Not breathing properly causes an acid effect on the body. The result of an acidic nature is heat, or inflammation, which breaks the body down and causes pain.

Without proper diaphragmatic breathing, which we call 360 degree breathing, there is a decrease in energy, a hormonal shift towards a sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), stressing the system producing increased cortisol and adrenaline. The combination of these stress hormones is a continuation of the inflammation/acid/pain cycle.

Nearly every new client who comes to work with me is either a inverted breather (belly pulls in on inhale and lets go on exhale), or a shallow chest breather and the entire diaphragmatic area is compromised.

Doing a heavy dead lifts with this faulty breathing pattern and likely side effects are a blown disc, muscle strain or pooping your pants.

Just think of a girdle around your middle strapped down tight.  Now imagine you’re trying to breathe fully and easily. Not likely with that girdle keeping you locked down!

Faulty breathing has the potential to cause or contribute to a number of health problems including but not limited to cardiovascular issues, increase hormonal stress, emotional stress, visceral stress and problems within the musculoskeletal system, all of the above resulting in a lack of energy.

Next time we’ll go into how breathing is intimately related to back pain…..


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