April Events at Ascend

By Shane YoungJanuary 2, 2013

Hello Friends!

This month’s calendar looks like fun already, and we wanted to share the news with you! Don Lee will be holding his monthly Soulful Breathwork  class on Sunday the 7th from 5-7pm. Please follow the link to learn a little more about the practice on the Facebook Events page that Don has created, and join us to experience this practice first hand! As Don always recommends, please bring a yoga mat (we have several, but the class is growing), blanket (just in case), a small pillow, and wear comfortable clothes. $20 is the suggested donation, but no one will be turned away. Please RSVP to Don at infjdh(at)yahoo(dot)com so we will know to expect you!

Our friend Joe Weston will be presenting a One-Day training on the 4 Pilars of True Power. We won’t be hosting it, but you can find the event at the Gruenwald Press, 1663 Mission Street on Sunday the 7th from 10am to 6pm, and we are happy to share that news with the world! This training cost is $175 for the day, unless you register on or before the 4th and save 25 bucks.

And, ALL Practitioners and Recipients of the healing Arts are invited to attend our final upcoming workshop!!
The Art of Personal Disarmament; A Healing Sunday Afternoon
NOON TO 3 PM ~ APRIL 21, 2013
WithFred Mitouer, PhD Creator of Transformational bodywork^sm Author~ Wounds into Blessings

This Gathering will feature a lecture-Demonstration of Body-Based perspectives and pragmatic interventions that will offer attendees an opportunity to take a journey into both the organic uncovering of human problems and a grounded approach to integrating into daily life the healing understandings gained through Transformational Bodywork.

Please Call Shane at 415-724-7164 to reserve a place, or email shane(at)ascendbody(dot)com. Suggested Donation $20 or more.

2973 16th Street / Mission ~~ Suite 400 SF, CA 94103

As we’ve said before, we asked for a bigger space to allow more classes and workshops, and the universe gave us exactly that! Please email or call with any questions regarding our upcoming class schedule, and we look forward to seeing your face giving you a warm embrace!

In Health and Love,
Shane and the Ascend Team




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