Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Miracle?

By Shane YoungJanuary 28, 2019

apple cider vinegarWhat is it about some health and wellness supplements that suddenly make them a trending topic or a viral challenge, sparking everyone’s imagination with the promise of a quick fix or cure all?


A closer look at apple cider vinegar quickly reveals some compelling incentives to start incorporating it into your life. So long as you stick with the organic, raw, unfiltered, and unprocessed variety — AKA the dark cloudy kind with bacterial “stuff” floating around in it — you’ll know for sure you’re working in the following:


  • Helpful enzymes that aid in digestion
  • Probiotics that can help prevent heartburn
  • Antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties


It’s so easy to get seduced by the idea of miraculously losing weight by simply adding a supplement or elixir to your grocery list. Whether it’s kale or turmeric that’s the newest snake oil — snake oil is an actual thing, BTW, a predecessor to the Omega 3 acids on all of our health trends lists — it’s always a good idea to wonder whether something like apple cider vinegar is too good to be true.


The truth, the whole truth


What do your personal trainer SF friends at Ascend actually know about whether a serving of apple cider vinegar a day will keep the belly fat away?

The alleged benefits of incorporating apple cider vinegar into your nutritional regimen are as numerous as the athleisure looks paraded around on social media. Fortunately, you can count on your small group fitness leaders at Ascend to deconstruct the hype and filter out some rational recommendations.


Go with your gut – literally!


As with everything related to fitness and nutrition, common sense is the first and best approach. And Ascend always has you covered when it comes to mindfulness and intention, which will help you take care of the rest.


Then there’s the science: Apple cider vinegar (or “ACV” as it’s called on the Internets) certainly has potential to live up to its miraculous reputation, but whether it’s proven to aid with weight loss is still very much an open question, with limited medical research pointing to legit answers.


Good thing your Ascend team cares about more than whether instant gratification goes along with the latest diet fad.


Don’t get crazy!


Here’s what we know for sure: We want you to feel good on the inside, AND look good on the outside, and our interest in ACV is whether it “moves the dial” on those primary goals.


Fact: ACV is made when bacteria and yeast are added to apple cider. The sugars in the apples turn into alcohol, which ferments it, and the alcohol turns into acetic acid. Acetic acid is often used for medical purposes.


Therefore, it would make a lot of sense that ACV can aid with things like:


  • lowering blood sugar levels
  • decreasing insulin levels
  • improving metabolism
  • reducing fat storage
  • burning fat
  • suppressing appetite


BOOM, right?


Well, not so fast. Acetic acid is still acid, and not everyone tolerates a sudden jolt in acid intake, even if it’s served with the best of intentions. ACV must always be diluted with water before ingesting, and while there’s no harm in sipping a reasonable amount before each meal, don’t expect drastic results that — while maybe dramatic — aren’t healthy or sustainable.


Moderation matters


As always, achievements come from hard work, like discipline and practice. Instead of obsession, instead aim for progression, and stay focused on what we know to be true: the most effective way to lose weight and stay in shape has always been and will always be a combination of eating healthy and exercising regularly.


The best way to get where you want to be is to do it mindfully and with positivity. Even better is to approach all your fitness questions with the help of a coach that can guide you toward inner and outer strength, and who can offer support instead of hype whenever you’re tempted to jump on a diet bandwagon.


Why not jump for joy instead, as part of your regular fitness studio Mission SF Ascend workout?!


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