ALIGNED, the 7-week Transformational Program

By Shane YoungApril 2, 2013


MORE purpose, more power, more authenticity, freedom and happiness.  You know you are destined for greatness and you sense that you’re here to play a bigger game.  You’re ready to experience your ultimate life… but how?

Like many, you probably feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what steps to take to manifest your dreams and have them become part of your daily life naturally.  It even feels cliche to think that dreams come true.  You may engage in activities that are good for you like yoga or reading self-improvement books, and you’ve certainly climbed a figurative mountain or two.  You’re authentic but things just aren’t coming together the way you dreamed that they would.  Life feels like a struggle – your career, relationships, higher purpose or health are not as rich and juicy as you know they could be.  

You Are Somebody Who:

* Longs for more intimacy, authenticity and power in your relationships
* Feels stuck in a job you don’t like and craves a clear sense of purpose & direction
* Has just experienced big life changes and is unsure what to do next
* Is ready to feel powerful and do what YOU want once and for all – you’re done 
   with people pleasing!
* Desires to freely and easily express who you truly with others
* Is outwardly successful but inwardly or spiritually empty
* Knows what you need to do to change your life but needs help pulling the trigger
* Is ready to up-level your life, make confident choices and go for it!

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place, right now!  In this golden era of awakening and rebirth, so many people are feeling the same way you are.  I certainly felt this way as I began to awaken to my truth!  
The problem, is that most people think that the reason they can’t be happier is because the circumstances in their lives are prohibiting the necessary changes from happening.   In other words, at this moment, they don’t have enough time, money, freedom, family support or skill set to go after their dreams realistically.

 the truth is that our internal landscape determines the external circumstances of our lives.  We must ALIGN our outer world with our inner truth to experience the ultimate bliss, purpose, meaning, power and fulfillment that we crave and deserve!  People are chasing happiness outside of themselves when the key lies within.  When we can identify our own unique code of truth and inner light then we can apply that to all aspects of our life and watch our reality magically change before our eyes.  Outside-In living simply no longer works.  We no longer have the luxury of playing small when we know we are here to shine.

Here’s How We’re Going To Create This Shift

In my revolutionary 7-Week ALIGNED program I will personally guide you step-by-step through the power of identifying, claiming and unleashing your truth to change your life, realize your destiny and thrive in 2013 and beyond!

I’ll provide the tools and techniques you’ll need to:
* Identify YOUR unique DNA of Truth, so that you to utilize your new inner GPS system that will guide you to 
deep fulfillment, power and authentic joy across each area of your life.
* Overcome the fear-based, stinkin’ thinkin’ and limiting patterns that hold you back, keep you stuck and playing small.
* Reorganize and empower your relationships, career, health, home and spirit so that they reflect your inherent strengths and inner light.  You’ll learn how to glow and manifest your dreams from the inside out!
* Follow your intuition with confidence leading you to the right choices.
* Raise your vibration so that you attract in high vibrational opportunities in every form.

The atmosphere of my LIVE teleseminars are personal, safe and supportive, allowing the process of claiming your phenomenal life to be fun, authentic and empowered – everything it should be!


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