30 Day Challenge – My Success Story

By Shane YoungMay 14, 2019

If you’ve ever given even a passing thought to doing a detox or cleanse, stop thinking and start doing. YOU are all you need to make positive changes that improve your habits and your health. collection vegetables isolated white background

Everyone likes the idea of detoxification. In our over-processed, hyper-commoditized treadmill of a world, doesn’t it sound great to think that we could “simply” make a few lifestyle changes for a few days to rid ourselves of a lifetime of misguided habits?

The reality of actually making better choices — abstaining from so many of our favorite things while putting more work into our workouts and opting for paleo whenever possible — is, of course, much different than just thinking about it.

It’s not what you think, but it is mind over matter. How did I finally go from talking the talk about healthier living to walking the walk? I said yes to Ascend Body’s 30-Day Fitness & Nutrition Reset, which turned into a major but much-needed commitment. I prioritized self-care and paid the fee, added four Saturday workshops to my calendar, and then I fastened my seatbelt for the journey…

You get out of it what you put into it, so I slowed down and started by first working on my mindset. For me, the preparation for the next 30 days was perhaps more intense than the detox itself, beginning with clearing my kitchen cabinets of all things tempting and processed — all the things I was likely to crave if I found myself hungry or unmotivated.

Next was approaching my grocery shopping with a new perspective. I prioritized “whole, organic, local, and sustainable” (my new mantra) over everything else I had previously believed or defaulted to when it comes to meal preparation. Just a few days in, it was clear that this “nutritional reset” — the term my trainer smartly used to make the challenge seem less intimidating — would become my new obsession. Turns out measures like avoiding sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy was absolutely required to get me to finally pay attention to my mind, body, and spirit.

Revelation in experimentation. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was that it turned out to be quite do-able — hardly the “are you effing kidding me?” impossibility I had first feared. Thanks to my SF personal trainers at Ascend, my awareness about the importance of exercise and a holistic approach to fitness had already been heightened, and the need to aspire “to a higher level” was already second nature.

Having a trainer who cared enough to insist that I give the Love Your Body 30-day Challenge a try was the first of many revelations that came from making such a significant commitment to my own health and wellness. So was gratitude for the wellness community that rises up with me, checking in and cheering me on.

What’s next after resetting? The experience of this reset was a revelation in itself – and the results were mind-blowing. Not only did I have more energy and sleep better, I found myself with much more strength, along with a new attitude of mindfulness and calm.

My advice for you if you’re considering the Ascend Body 30-Day Fitness & Nutrition Reset? YOU CAN DO IT! The only thing in your way is yourself, and when you tell yourself there is no time like the present and just bite the damn bullet, you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of.

Why not get a free personalized nutrition and fitness game plan from Ascend Body, and make a commitment to your own self-care today? It’s a great way to get started on your new lease on life and join an inspiring, supportive fitness community.

Then, you’ll be ready and excited for the next Ascend Body 30-Day Fitness & Nutrition Reset that kicks off Saturday, June 8! See you there!


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