Top 10 Reasons You Should Join the 30 Day Challenge

By Shane YoungAugust 31, 2018

30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

  1. Community – A group of dedicated travelers are here to support and accompany you on your wellness journey. Connection with others is more important that you can imagine! We are here to support you, answer questions, share, listen, learn and grow….together!
  2. Learn from experts – Along with fitness and nutrition experts, Shane Young and Rick Buchikos, we bring in a host of wellness professionals to teach on subjects that inform and educate so that you walk away with a new and fresh perspective.
  3. Exercise that matters – Get unlimited small group fitness sessions where we take great care to educate our clients on the “why” of our programs and what really works for each unique body.
  4. Take care of your body and your soul – Our approach is holistic. Not only do we give you the science, but we also teach you the tools to nurture your soul. Brush off those cobwebs and restore your inner resources during the 30 day challenge.
  5. Get inspired by others – when you are in a community that cares, the vibe is contagious. Who wants to go it alone when its so much fun over here. The momentum of the group is sure to take you over!
  6. Start your day with one of our guided meditations to get yourself off on the right foot!
  7. Our Private FB group provides you the support you need for inspiration, and answers to those nagging questions that pop into your head at 1am! 
  8. Restore – It’s not always about going harder and longer. In fact, in order for the body to release unwanted weight, it has to feel safe and sustained. Learn techniques to revitalize your life and restore your energy.
  9. An individualized program – Because every “body” is different, we make sure to provide guidance within the group setting on how to tailor your meal plan and your approach to the 30 day challenge that will make it just right for you!
  10. Win prizes! – To celebrate your success and your dedication to yourself and your health, one lucky member will win over $800 in prizes!


So go ahead, what do you have to lose but a few pounds and some old ideas about yourself? Let us help you shine! <<Click here to join >>


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