The Team


Shane Young: Founder / CHEK Practitioner

I’m excited to help people of all levels and abilities attain their individual fitness and wellness goals. I have a dynamic toolbox of training expertise that I employ to cultivate a healthy, happy, and sustainable approach to change including advanced personal training, massage therapy, and holistic lifestyle coaching. I am a body alchemist. For over 15 years, I have humbly dedicated myself to an intricate study of the human body and its functions.

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Ryan Rockland: Head Trainer

I have a Masters in Sport Management and a decade of experience helping clients with strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, muscle imbalance correction and sport event preparation. 

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Leslie Hyun Kim: Holistic Practitioner + Personal Trainer

She is a fitness professional and holistic wellness coach from San Francisco, CA. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and holds multiple national certifications for personal training, group exercise, and sport-specific training. A former multi-sport athlete and social worker trained in behavior modification therapy, Leslie has spent over a decade helping improve the lives of others through informed and inspired coaching.

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Finn Deerhart: Personal Trainer + Holistic Coach

As a child, I over­ate to fill an insatiable emotional void. The pattern was cyclic; I hated myself and abused my body as a result. As an adult, I wanted nothing to do with this overweight, self­-loathing version of myself. Without a blueprint, I performed injurious workouts motivated by shame and a sense of duty. In a misguided effort to cultivate self love, I dramatically restricted food intake, obsessed with external admiration.

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Steven Land: Personal Trainer

An active, vibrant member of the Ascend Body team (with the best hair) Steven’s natural leadership and competitive nature are reflected in each of his Boost Your Body sessions. He is a lifelong athlete and appreciates the value of nonrestrictive, healthy movement for each and every body.

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Kanako Kobayashi: Nutrition Consultant + Holistic Coach

I bring a compassionate and gentle approach to assist you on your journey to finding your ultimate healthy and radiant self. I have been passionately exploring the ingredients to my own health and wellness for the last seven years.  I began this journey because I was feeling as if a cloud of nagging symptoms was hanging over my head and no matter what I did, nothing helped.

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Grant Ernhart: Certified ROLFer

I believe that our physical bodies and our mental and emotional bodies are totally enmeshed. Patterns in our posture, whether mis-aligned and out of balance or fluid and free to move from a place of balance and support, will have an impact on how we experience our lives and the emotions that we encounter daily.

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Mark Haviland: Certified Massage Therapist

Mark Haviland has a dynamic body-based approach to healing that facilitates the exploration of shadow, misperceptions and unconscious defense mechanisms -all of which are held in the body.

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Bryan Harrelson: Certified Massage Therapist

Bryan Harrelson has been practicing massage since 2011 when he graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage where he studied the Swedish and deep tissue modalities. He has also studied with Fred and Cheryl Mitouer learning Transformational Bodywork techniques.

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Greg Weiting: Yoga/Reiki/Holistic Practitioner

Greg is passionate about helping you tap into inner reservoirs of intelligence so you can cultivate wellbeing, resilience and purpose in your health, business, and life. Founder of The Resilience Project, Greg draws upon 15 years experience as a visionary teacher, healer, and mentor working with individuals, large groups, and organizations.

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James Girard: Certified Massage Therapist

This calling into massage therapy has taken me on a tour of disciplines. Each of my career and educational path choices, from service, to my hours of pre-chiropractic study in Biological Sciences, to a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my work in Clinical Research has helped shape my understanding of health and wellness. And, each choice has brought me into alignment with the strong, intuitive healer that I have always been.

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Jator Pierre: CHEK Practitioner

Jator’s 15 year journey into individualized nutrition and movement has gifted him with numerous self growth and development tools which he skillfully uses to reveal the inner power within each of his clients. Fueled by his own struggle with weight and shame, Jator’s practice has a highly personal and integrative approach.

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Philip Grogg: Massage Therapist

I was introduced to Shamanic healing and Wiccan ritual at a young age. As an adult, I’ve combined my deep-rooted heritage with Body Manipulation, Tantra, and various holistic modalities to promote healing and self-awareness. It is my calling to sit with others, renew their trust in the universe, and release their fears and resentments.

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