Quick & Easy Post-Workout Sandwich

By MarvinApril 2, 2018

Hey guys, what’s up?


Listen- does the following situation sound familiar? You finished your workout, got home 30 minutes after, immediately felt hungry, but couldn’t stomach the thought of another shake… Plus there was no time for preparation.


We’ve all have been there, am I right?


Today, I came up with a super easy post-workout snack! #nocookingneeded So what does a great post workout snack require? A mix of quick and slowly digestible carbs,  protein, and a little bit of fat to balance your blood sugar! Rice cakes (I recommend the brand Lundberg) are the foundation for our “sandwich”. They do a great job of combining organic brown with wild rice. Wild rice is the least processed rice in the world with the highest density of minerals in it. Brown rice contains more fiber than white rice which slows down your body’s digestive processes and prolongs satiety.

The peanut butter between the rice cake provides protein and fatty acids. There’s nothing better than this amazing nut cream, right? 🙂

Last but not least,  no post workout meal is complete without simple carbs. They (plus the protein from peanut butter) help rebuild muscle cells after your workout. You can also add some grapes if your goal is really to put on more strength and muscle.

Sounds tasty and damn easy? I love it and you should definitely give it a try 🙂



1 rice cake with wild rice (brand Lundberg)

1/2 organic banana

1 tbsp of unsweetened peanut butter

optional: bit of cinnamon, a few grapes



  1. Get a rice cake and spread the peanut butter on it
  2. Cut the banana in little slices and put them on the rice cake
  3. Throw some cinnamon on it and enjoy 🙂


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