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A 3-Legged Stool

What are your goals toward becoming a healthier you? To loose fat? To gain muscle? For more flexibility? What you may not realize is that, despite what your goals may be, achieving them involves a nutritional, exercise, and a mental/ spiritual approach. It’s a typical response to just focus on hopping on a cardio machine;…

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Our Dream, Your Dream

Hello Everyone… As our Indigogo Campaign is gaining momentum, please check out our video if you haven’t already and help us inspire change. Inspiring Change in our lives… To be more than what you already are, whether that is to have well developed muscles, nice abs, to fit into your favorite pair of jeans with ease, or…

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Self Love Keeps You Fit

  Your thoughts have a profound effect on every aspect of your life.  This includes your health, your emotional state, your life path, and your ability to succeed.  Most people think about what they don’t want the majority of the time. Unfortunately, negative thinking acts to draw the very thing they don’t want towards them. …

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The Snail

The snail has become or has always become my power animal. i have had a love affair with snails since childhood (2), i used to run around at day care and look for snails to get off of pathways to save them from being crushed by all that walk the path, including my self. fast…

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What are we really afraid of… The MIRROR? – Jator Pierre

Is it a possible that we hide in others aspects of ourselves that we are ashamed of, fearful of etc..? Is is possible What we judge in others as negative is actually the externalization of our own self judgment, but to hide from the truth we project this onto others to create separation from our…

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Crunchy Change – Laura Alden Kamm

I was born on the zero second of a new Moon. Evidently, this cosmic grace predisposes me to be comfortable with, or at least understand, the nature of change. I find this to be true, as I am a content and purposeful explorer of life.   Flowing with change is normal. Yet, embedded within it are…

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What the hell is the Chakra system anyway?

What the hell is the Charka system anyway? That is a pretty good question and I’m glad you asked.  Again, as always I can only share my experience and what feels true to me.  This does not mean it is right or wrong, it is purely my experience.  As I journey into the depths of…

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Jator Pierre Posture 3

Posture: The WE (water | Earth) Approach Part 3   Sitting at my computer writing this blog I am very conscious of my posture.  Do I have my neutral lumbar curve = check, is my thoracic spine in proper alignment = check, do I have my head and shoulders in alignment = check.  I run…

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