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Tantra Retreat, Workout Anywhere, & Upcoming Detox!

As many of you know, I have cultivated a strong meditation and spiritual practice. I study Tantra, which is a lineage of meditation from the Himalayan Institute focused particularly on expanded consciousness and personal awareness. Recently, I was accepted into a two-year training program and am super excited to deepen my meditative and spiritual practice…

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a sort of a glutton for punishment. I love to push myself during each and every workout I commit to. Really… if I’m going to show up, I’m going to get after it! And, I’m certainly not the only one! I see so many of you pushing beyond your perceived…

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#PushPause – What Makes Me Feel Alive

I recently returned from a five-day fitness conference in San Diego and want to share how much I absolutely love and appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for reading our blog, for prioritizing health and wellness, and for being such an integral part of our growing community at Ascend Body. I am…

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Stress Causes Disease by Finn Deerhart

We are often warned that stress causes disease. This fact is so widely publicized and accepted that we might noteven take it seriously. The world around us is so busy, as are our minds. Even eating well, exercising or building a personal-growth practice can seriously add on the stress because, really, for most, all these…

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A BIG High Five to Lynn Tolin!!

Ascend’s very own Lynn Tolin just trained for and completed the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Congratulations! This challenging course includes two full days of walking from Fort Mason to Corte Madera Town Park and back again! That’s a total of 39.3 miles! Lynn worked incredibly hard doing a strength and endurance program that we wrote…

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Fat Loss and Eating Cookies!

Many of my clients are working on curbing cravings and shifting habits that aren’t in alignment with their greater goals. It is a common thing to reach for something just out of habit, or for momentary satisfaction and comfort, but did you know that a typical food craving only lasts 3 minutes? The first step…

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Can Your Thoughts Prevent Healing?

It takes much more than movement to truly reach our potential as a human being – that’s been my coaching experience over the last 15 years.  This may seem obvious, but it also takes more than nutrition, hydration, sleep, and functional breathing to reach our potential. I believe that for each of us to reach our dreams,…

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BEYOND SELF-SABOTAGE SAN FRANCISCO,MARCH 22-23RD, 2014 The Benefits of Beyond Self-Sabotage Will Help You: Find authentic contentment in your life! Succeed in your meaningful goals! Effectively nurture yourself as you move beyond your comfort zone! Make your life a tribute to your unique purpose! Heal the reasons why you sabotage! The door is open for you…

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Do you “idea” who you are?

Please “introduce” yourself… I’m Jator Pierre, I live in SF, I am a health and wellness coach, etc etc etc. My question to you and to myself is,  “how do I know who I am? Again, I’m Jator Pierre, my parents named me as such so that must be who I am! What if I…

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7 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Health & Wellbeing!

Don’t let your exercise plan fall flat! Monday, November 18th, 2013 6:30pm – 7:30pm Sports Basement: 1590 Bryant Street, SF Special Invite!!! Shane Young will be presenting his talk “7 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Health & Wellbeing” next Monday at Sports Basement. Do you want to lose weight, gain strength and move past emotional…

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