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The Benefits of Beyond Self-Sabotage Will Help You:

  • Find authentic contentment in your life!
  • Succeed in your meaningful goals!
  • Effectively nurture yourself as you move beyond your comfort zone!
  • Make your life a tribute to your unique purpose!
  • Heal the reasons why you sabotage!

The door is open for you to join me for the Beyond Self-Sabotage workshop!

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Early Bird Registration: $235 US (If Registered by March 9th)  Regular Registration: $295 US
  • 9am-5pm March 22-23rd, 2014
  • Location: Ascend Health Studio, 2973 16th St., 4th Floor (at Mission St.) San Francisco, CA

In the Beyond Self-Sabotage program, your sabotaging is viewed as a symptom. Through the concepts and techniques taught, we’ll direct our focus to pierce through the symptom and address the issues causing the symptoms of sabotage in your life!

How do you sabotage yourself?
Would you believe that all people spend part of their time meeting their emotional needs in a way that is self-sabotaging? How can it be that a part of us has learned to feel valued the more we block our own success? If the need to self-sabotage is always a symptom perpetuated by unresolved emotional wounds or beliefs about self, what would it mean if you learned how to address the actual issues beneath the symptom?


What would it mean if you learned how to re-balance the issues that cause you to sabotage?
In Beyond Self-Sabotage we will uncover the mysteries that pervade all of our lives when it comes to finding authentic success. We will lift the veil on the hidden parts of the unconscious that keep us stuck in frustratingly repetitive patterns of sabotage. Powerful holistic techniques will be taught on how to nurture sabotaging parts back into belonging to the harmonious whole of the individual.


How would it impact your life if you learned to discover and re-balance the sabotaging patterns that you are currently blind to?
Whether your definition of success is enriched health, relationships, energy, getting in shape, finances, or peace of mind, this class is intended to help you embrace the tools within to create a smooth flow of success.


Offerings of Beyond Self-Sabotage Include:

  • Self discovery and re-balancing techniques to relinquish the need to block your own success
  • Develop a compassionate understanding for why self sabotage has been happening in your life
  • Learn to identify and holistically resolve the actual issues beneath sabotaging patterns and behavior
  • Learn about the non-logical emotional nature that causes one to seek the uncomfortable comfort of self sabotage
  • Specific tools and exercises to continually help yourself
  • Understand why control dramas govern our lives from a place of sabotaging reactivity and how to go beyond them.

Has your experience with attempting to go beyond self sabotaging patterns involved strategies using short term, fleeting bursts of egoicly derived will power that offers very little long term sustainability? Beyond Self-Sabotage is different in that you’re invited to submerge into the intimate depths of your authentic self to connect with the sustainable inspiration in your own heart.
With the piercing concepts and techniques taught in Beyond Self-Sabotage, you are invited to a place of awakening to a more graceful and meaningful relationship with your life.

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Do you “idea” who you are?

Please “introduce” yourself…

I’m Jator Pierre, I live in SF, I am a health and wellness coach, etc etc etc.

My question to you and to myself is,  “how do I know who I am?

Again, I’m Jator Pierre, my parents named me as such so that must be who I am!

What if I was to offer another alternative – WE have many “ideas” of who we are but we do not “know” who we are.  I hear some voices chiming in already (including parts of me) “oh no Jator, I know who I am, I am divine source, and animal here having a human experience”.  I have to laugh at how arrogant I can be 😉

Is it possible that who I am is beyond an idea of what others call me?

Is it possible that my name Jator Pierre is more akin to my cell phone number rather than all the parts that make cell phones possible?

My point here is just to take a snapshot of how we as human beings become very attached to ideas, and these ideas remain largely unquestioned and unexplored.  These ideas also become who we think we are, and most of the ideas we will defend to the “death”.

These are mainly all satellite identifications that we create a self-image out of.  My car is cool = I am cool.  I am a healer = I am a healer (are you really a healer?)  My car, my house, my life, my wife, my boyfriend, my body, my health, and the list goes on infinitely.

To be honest in this moment parts of me have no idea who I am, and other parts are full of ideas.  More and more of me is recognizing that these are all just ideas and attachments; I can be malleable in any given moment.  I can respond rather than react, I can create and choose new ideas to attach to, and can dissolve stories of the past and create a new present.  Or can I?  Curious about this too.

Do you have to live up to the ideas that others project onto you?  Do you have to “help” others be comfortable with who you are by being who they have known you to always be?

Do you actually know anyone?  Is it possible that you only know your experience of yourself around any given person, therefore you actually know no one, and how you get to KNOW yourself is through these interactions?  Is it possible the people that irk you the most are actually mirrors for parts of you that you deny and or hide?

Can you become curious about your ideas?




7 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Health & Wellbeing!

Don’t let your exercise plan fall flat!

Monday, November 18th, 2013 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Sports Basement: 1590 Bryant Street, SF

Special Invite!!! Shane Young will be presenting his talk “7 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Health & Wellbeing” next Monday at Sports Basement.

Do you want to lose weight, gain strength and move past emotional blocks? You’d be surprised to know that it isn’t all about diet and exercise. Without incorporating these 7 Proven Strategies our exercise routines fall flat and are short lived. In order to create lasting change that will stick, we need to look at every part of ourselves. Come learn these 7 Secrets and forever transform your relationship with your body and health! Plus each guest will get a FREE ticket to try out Ascend Body’s Saturday Sweat Session, a $45 dollar value. See you there!

During this talk you will learn:
* How to take the best care of yourself on a daily basis.
* A clear system for making choices regarding your health.
* The basics behind the mind / body connection.
* How to take charge of your wellbeing.
* How to design your very own personalized health plan.

RSVP to let us know you are coming.

A 3-Legged Stool

What are your goals toward becoming a healthier you? To loose fat? To gain muscle? For more flexibility? What you may not realize is that, despite what your goals may be, achieving them involves a nutritional, exercise, and a mental/ spiritual approach.

It’s a typical response to just focus on hopping on a cardio machine; yet, how many times have you attempted fat loss only to find yourself gaining back the weight? The issue lies not in our own willpower or failing, but in the lack of realizing that health and nutrition involves a holistic approach, looking at the bigger picture of your overall being.

With this in mind, I encourage you to incorporate all these aspects into your new life to create a healthier you. Work with your trainer to help you with the appropriate nutrition and exercise routines that are best for your case. Actively engage in activities that bring you happiness. Chi building exercises are quite a restorative approach to increasing your vitality, too!

Now, look past your fears, doubts, and worries and begin participating in these areas of your life. Trust me…your mind, body, and soul will thank you! Here’s to your health!

Our Dream, Your Dream

Hello Everyone… As our Indigogo Campaign is gaining momentum, please check out our video if you haven’t already and help us inspire change.

Inspiring Change in our lives…

To be more than what you already are, whether that is to have well developed muscles, nice abs, to fit into your favorite pair of jeans with ease, or to have less back pain and more vitality: it’s your DREAM that will really get you there.  Your goal or dream and how that dream will ultimately makes you feel is what we’d like to guide you towards.

Check this out…. take a moment and feel into each of these two statements:

“I want to loose weight because I feel fat and want more attention. I should go back to the gym, everyone at that dinner party looked better than I did. My best friend just lost a bunch of weight, I should too.”
“My dream is to feel strong in my body. I feel good about myself when my pants fit just right. I feel a sense of satisfaction after a good workout. My body looks and feels damn good!”

This is what one of my mentors calls “using the carrot” to get where you want to go, or “using the stick”. Are you drawing yourself towards looking and feeling better?  Or are you using your will, and beating yourself there? Which are you???
The choices that you make using “the carrot”, instead of “the stick”, are deeper, and bound to last because feeling good, well,  just feels good. Whipping yourself into what you think you should be, isn’t very fun and is bound to fail or result in some sort of misery either physically, emotionally, spiritually.

When you are walking towards change and start to see that change, whether you realize it or not, you are affecting change in others. In that regard, you can think of your dream to feel good, as supporting someone else’s dream to feel good. Isn’t that awesome?!  That change in you affects the grocery store clerk, your parents, your partner, the people you work with, and on and on. Inspire yourself and… inspire others.

What if you found your dream, or deeper connection to why you want nice looking abs, slim fitting jeans, more muscle or a healthy back?  That is why I dreamt into expanding Ascend Body… to inspire more and more people into health and wellness who are truly living their dream.

It’s my experience coaching people that when you stay connected to your dream, the choices that you make naturally fall into alignment. I’ve seen amazing progress in the people that I work with, they are my inspiration! Living their foundational principles:  eating, moving, breathing, thinking, sleeping, drinking.
I want people to recognize the feeling space of health and wellness. We want to help you uncover and breath life into your dream.
Please attend our workshop on Mandalas and goal setting.

To me, it’s like this… find your dream and live it, make choices towards it and, it just so happens it comes with nice muscles, great abs and/ or jeans that fit great.  Feeling good from the inside out!

Please support our Indiegogo Campaign as we move towards our dream of inspiring more and more people’s health and wellness through our community outreach programs.

In health,
Shane and the Ascend Team

The Snail

The snail has become or has always become my power animal. i have had a love affair with snails since childhood (2), i used to run around at day care and look for snails to get off of pathways to save them from being crushed by all that walk the path, including my self. fast forward to today.. the snail to me has become symbolic of my journey, or at least how i feel about my journey in this mom

The snail carries his home with him wherever he goes.. to me this represents learning to LOVe all of me, i carry it all wherever i go as well.. The more i integrate and LOVe all of me the less co-dependent i am on others to meet my emotional needs. This can create freedom from judgment, ownership, guilt, resentment, shame, blame, fear etc.. In essence i learn to LOVe the house i have created for myself, i become less likely to look to others to fill my perceived conscious and sub-conscious needs, which creates freedom for all of us to be more authentic, and move with less fear.
The snail moves slow, which to me represents the abilty to be aware and present in each moment.. to breathe.. to observe.. to respond.. to choose.. to be open to the surprises that come each day.. one can still MOVE fast, to be a snail is to be observant and mindful within, no matter the situation presented.
Lastly, the snail lays a smooth substance to glide over all surfaces, to me this represents the ability to navigate any terrain presented in my life knowing there is always a smooth substance of LOVe guiding me, and if i so choose, i can focus on the smooth path to navigate even the most challenging terrain..

What are we really afraid of… The MIRROR? – Jator Pierre

Is it a possible that we hide in others aspects of ourselves that we are ashamed of, fearful of etc..?
Is is possible What we judge in others as negative is actually the externalization of our own self judgment, but to hide from the truth we project this onto others to create separation from our inner fears, and thus can judge others as having negative aspects and judge ourselves as more evolved, developed etc, and or not having these same aspects within?

Have you ever wondered why so many people are triggered and have huge emotional responses around their parents, or flat out do not like their parents at all? Could it be possible if the above is true that those who really dislike their parents are only continually reminded of aspects of themselves which they dislike.. (A metaphoric look into the mirror of self) Our parents being such a good reminder of the carbon copies that we are of them and how much self judgment we actually carry..???

Crunchy Change – Laura Alden Kamm

I was born on the zero second of a new Moon. Evidently,
this cosmic grace predisposes me to be comfortable with, or at least understand, the nature of change. I find this to be true, as I am a content and purposeful explorer of life.


Flowing with change is normal. Yet, embedded within it are crunchy feelings and torrential currents which we all encounter.


Change organically propels us into uncharted territory. We meet feelings of ungroundedness and wrestle with control. What used to be our life suddenly or stealthily bends into a new form; a form which disorients and frightens us.


When I intuit the energy of someone dealing with unwanted change I see the sharpness of energy that feels like an attack. An attack on everything they have known. Change can toss our lives right out of the window and our emotions along with it.




Fall whispers to us, “Change can be dazzling.” What has bloomed in your life may need to fall away, making room for an opportune beginning. Change brings us face to face with our curious cyclical power. Can you feel it?


Like a temple top rising above kaleidoscopic leaves you, too, have a peaceful hidden temple sequestered within your shifting life. It is always there. It is your heart. It is your soulful consciousness that eternally knows.

If the crunchiness of change has exposed some messy stuff, mosey into it. Roll around. Toss it in the air. Rest in it and listen. If you find anxiousness or fear, know you are closing the gap toward truth.When you touch fear, kick it, or dare to merge with it you have the opportunity to fuse the vulnerable honesty of who you are with who you are becoming.

In celebration of crunchy change, I’ll add to Gandhi’s concept. Here’s to the crunch! Here’s to the power within – your power to embrace the change you wish to see in your life and to be in the world.

I will leave you with this knowing: “No matter the change you face, you have equal or greater amounts of courage and curiosity with which to meet that change.”

What the hell is the Chakra system anyway?

What the hell is the Charka system anyway?

That is a pretty good question and I’m glad you asked.  Again, as always I can only share my experience and what feels true to me.  This does not mean it is right or wrong, it is purely my experience.  As I journey into the depths of who I think I am, I have found that “truth” is merely our perception of any given subject.  You can quote all the research in the world, from the top people in any given field but if my experience is different than the research than I will always trust in my innate wisdom over research, and other’s ideas.  One of my favorite words is “Pono” = Effectiveness is the measurement of TRUTH.  With that being said, I will share what the Chakra system is to me.

I believe through my experience that we are much more than the physical body we see in the mirror.  We have many bodies on much more subtle levels, these being the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.  I believe the P.E.M.S bodies are only the beginning but these are the only realities I can recall experiencing.

The Charka system literally interprets our emotional, mental, and spiritual realities.  Our consciousness is not within us, it is outside of us, and whatever we have experienced in life gets filtered by the charka system and then is projected into our physical reality.  The body is only a bio-feedback mechanism to bring our awareness to what is actually going on in our consciousness.   Think of any auto-immune disease, could this disease just be the body bringing our awareness to parts of our ego that is full of self hatred?  In turn the body turns against itself to bring our awareness to this self hatred in hopes that we will hear its message and heal the roots within our consciousness to bring about true health and wellness?  Hmmmmmm…  I say it is a possibility, I also say I could be quite delusional, either way I find it interesting.

Here is another way to understand the Chakra system.  Think of the Chakra system as a satellite TV dish on your house which receives your emotional, mental, and spiritual states.  The dish (chakras) interprets this subtle energy and projects this energy into a descrambler (your glandular and plexus systems), these systems then funnel this energy into your TV (what you see and experience), what you see and experience is recorded by your DVD player (organ system), this goes on most of our lives until we each realize that we hold the channel changer in our hand, and can choose to watch any channel available.  With this knowledge we can change our reality and heal ourselves through our perceptions.

My only question to myself is, do I want to continue to watch the same channel the rest of my life unconsciously or do I want to consciously create my reality?  The choice is truly yours.