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7 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Health & Wellbeing!

Don’t let your exercise plan fall flat! Monday, November 18th, 2013 6:30pm – 7:30pm Sports Basement: 1590 Bryant Street, SF Special Invite!!! Shane Young will be presenting his talk “7 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Health & Wellbeing” next Monday at Sports Basement. Do you want to lose weight, gain strength and move past emotional…

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Eat From The Rainbow

There are many reasons to follow a rotation diet. Many have to do with identifying food intolerances and finding out what foods best resonate with your body. But another really great reason to follow a rotation diet is because it’s so easy for those of us on the go, to choose the same foods over…

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A 3-Legged Stool

What are your goals toward becoming a healthier you? To loose fat? To gain muscle? For more flexibility? What you may not realize is that, despite what your goals may be, achieving them involves a nutritional, exercise, and a mental/ spiritual approach. It’s a typical response to just focus on hopping on a cardio machine;…

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Seminar: Understanding the Gut Brain, by Grant Ernhart

Gut Health and Rolfing:  How could our gut biome affect our search for balance? More and more we are hearing about the importance and complexity of the ecosystem within our own digestive tracts. This developing field of knowledge has perked my interest as well and on September 19th I will attend a seminar about this…

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Ignite Your Inner Artistry with Dani Cirignano

Tuesday, October 29th, 7PM @ Ascend Body   Ignite Your Inner Artistry is an hour-long workshop, exploring the intersection between optimal health and radical self expression. Get connected to the areas of your life where you’ve given up your self expression, and walk away with 5 Basic Principles for re-igniting your inspiration. Learn how to lay…

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Read This To Be A Better Cook

  Over the last 15 years, I’ve spent a lot of time over the chopping board, cutting whole food into smaller pieces.  In that quiet time, there’s a lot of space for reflection.  A topic that I keep coming back to is ‘how to help someone be a better cook’.  This is especially present for…

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Meet For Real Food!

We are super excited to announce the launch of For Real Food, the prepared meal service and personal cooking school brought to you by Scott Wiese, Ascend’s general manager and Food Dude.
Yay For Real Food!!

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Eat Consciously

Have you ever heard of eating with your eyes closed? Imagine the difference in the experience of eating…. Most of us are talking or texting, looking at the computer or otherwise distracted. Give gratitude and appreciation for the food that you are eating, it gave it’s life to sustain yours. The feeling of being in…

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The Snail

The snail has become or has always become my power animal. i have had a love affair with snails since childhood (2), i used to run around at day care and look for snails to get off of pathways to save them from being crushed by all that walk the path, including my self. fast…

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Holiday Health – Planning Ahead

Here’s a little story of what NOT to do, from me, to you this holiday season…. One of the things I teach over and over regarding food and nutrition is, plan ahead. Don’t get caught with a grumbling tummy and less than optimal food because of poor planning. Reaching for what’s convenient, be that going…

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