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WANTED: Holistic Health Practitioner (Space Available ASAP)

WANTED: Holistic Health Practitioner (Space Available ASAP)


Are you a holistic minded practitioner, collaborator, and team player looking for an inviting space for your bodywork/massage practice? If so, we’d love to talk to you!

We have one room available 7 days a week! Flat rate or hourly. Competitive prices.

Ascend Body is San Francisco’s premiere private wellness studio offering a wide range of client-centered services including fitness coaching, individualized nutrition counseling, lifestyle coaching, and massage therapy.

Our holistic environment provides your clients with a high value experience and our convenient location (16th and Mission Bart) has everything you need for successful sessions including: towel service, organic bathroom amenities, organic fruits and nuts, flexible sound & lighting atmosphere, and reverse-osmosis filtered water.

We’re looking for the right practitioner to complement our space and vision. We pride ourselves on providing clients with exactly what they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Contact if you’d like to take a tour of our lovely space, talk about collaboration and inter-referrals and potentially join the Ascend Body team!

Lean In and Breathe

Many of you have had some type of  bodywork performed by one of our incredible practitioners at Ascend– if not, I highly recommend we chat! Seriously, everyone is so passionate and here to make you feel like the best version of yourself; we want to see you breathing, sweating, and smiling each day.

I recently had a bodywork session with a client that was truly special. She asked, “why do we contract and stop breathing when we feel pain or fear?” I was blown away by her question. It’s such a simple yet profound observation of our relationship to ourselves and our broader lives. After some thought I responded, “it’s a shared aspect of human experience, especially when our safety is presumed to be at risk.”

In the massage room, I work in harmony with the person’s breath; I believe it’s integral to the session. Bodywork, as opposed to massage, is an expansive practice encompassing different aspects of healing by integrating physical, emotional, and spiritual components of well-being. It’s designed to promote healing and awareness. When I breathe with a client, we bring life into an experience. We embrace the discomfort and discover vastness and expansion together. We identify restrictions and move with intention to release trapped energy and potential. In doing so, we cultivate a stronger mind-body relationship and a deeper awareness of the power of breath itself.

Practicing working with our breath gives us awareness and releases us from fear and its restrictive, isolating grip on our lives. That’s why it’s essential to lean in, breathe, and push up against the confines of our fear and physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. We must practice breathwork mindfully and resist the temptation to run and constrict, to hide in the egoic fear of our perceived pain.

When we feel pain, our automatic response is to run or recoil from the undesired stimulus. We shrink from provocation to protect ourselves and adopt a flight or fight physiological response. Unfortunately, consistent reliance on this mechanism is consistently restrictive, especially when we’re not actually in immediate danger. Our adrenaline and cortisol levels rise and we constrict our breathing. This is all evolutionarily great if we need to run from a threatening animal but provided the comforts of modern-day society, I highly doubt this is a real scenario for most of us!

What is real is the trapped fear and pain that dwell within each of us– residual reminders of difficult situations in life. As humans, we have a tendency to drag the past with us and the mind is quick to protect us. So much so that we begin to barricade ourselves into lives that resemble concrete walls– no fun and lacking both passion and intimacy.

So, why do we constrict and hide?

Generally, we fear situations that are out of our control– we fear not getting what we want or think we deserve and we fear losing. By contracting, we create the illusion of safety and security.

As we continually constrict our breathing, we begin to create trigger points in the musculoskeletal system which become holding patterns of unexamined pain. We often don’t even realize pain exists in a particular area of the body until someone applies pressure to it. Notice I use the word pressure here and not pain. While the automatic response is to hold our breath, pull away, and hide, true healing occurs when we breathe into the discomfort. When we draw our attention to rather than from it, we give it breath, life, freedom and we transform.

Using breath allows us to arrive to a still point of no time, no space, and no-thing–that is when change occurs. We can do this through bodywork and breath is our catalyst.

This is why it’s powerful when a palpable connection exists between bodyworker and client. We’re able to explore where pain resides not only physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. As the client resists the temptation to withdraw by gently leaning into discomfort through breath, she begins to internalize the importance of expansive breathing.

Pain or discomfort becomes our entry point into a deeper and more meditative exploration of self.

Reduce back pain, Increase Blood Flow, and Relieve Neck & Shoulder Tension

Introducing Ascend Body’s most dynamic class: The ELDOA Method, taught by CHECK Level 2 Coach – IAN RYAN. The only class of its kind in the country, this 1-hour long group fitness class begins with an intention (i.e. an area of the body to focus on), will follow with a warm up (awareness drills), and will finish strong with a series of mysofascial stretches and ELDOA’s around the intention.

Wednesday’s at 6pm

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In short, ELDOA (Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation OsteoArticulaire), or more easily translated to Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation of the Spine is a revolutionary stretching and strengthening technique for the spine and joints throughout the body. ELDOA postures are very specific compared to other techniques. If a client experiences pain because of compression between the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral, the de-coaptation position should target this exact level and not the one above or below.

Myofascial Stretching is the safest and most effective way to create space and balance in the body. This technique of stretching is extremely advanced because of its specificity to correct the body’s tensegrity through the fascial chains and it’s solicitation of the nervous system.

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  • Reduces Joint Inflammation and Arthrosis
  • Delays Disc Degeneration
  • Increases Disc Hydration
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Improves Posture
  • Relieves of Chronic and Acute Back Pain
  • Relieves of Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • Improves Awareness and Overall Wellbeing
  • Improves Recovery Time for Sports and Training
  • Reduces Forward Head Posture
  • Normalizes Disc Bulges
  • Reduces Degrees of Scoliosis
  • Increases Flexibility



One of the most common postural problems is the forward head posture. Since we live in a forward facing world, the repetitive use of computers, TV, video games, trauma and even backpacks have forced the body to adapt to a forward head posture. Repetitive movements in a certain direction will strengthen nerve and muscle pathways to move that way more readily. The ELDOA Method classes help to reverse these pathways by re-establishing your gravity line, strengthening the muscles of your back and spine, and correcting tensions of the restricted, overused muscles in your body.


“I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger!” FIghting gravity and the effects of inactivity is a lifelong endeavor! What are you doing to keep your spine strong, mobile, and healthy? Chronological aging may be inevitable but just as psychological health can be maintained with mental exercises, your biological health can be maintained and improved with the proper physical exercises. And It is never too late to start!

In the ELDOA Method classes, all of the positions can be modified to your specific needs or restrictions. The ELDOAs and Myofascial Stretches are incredible tools to help combat the detrimental effects that aging can have on your body.  You will feel younger, taller, and more energetic when you make ELDOA METHOD classes part of your lifestyle.


If we were to gather a group of middle age folks (45 average age) who have NEVER had back pain before and shoot MRIs on them all, here’s what we would find:

  • 38% would have disc bulges,
  • 37% disc protrusions (aka: contained herniations),
  • 11% disc extrusions (aka: non-contained herniations)
  • 4% nerve route compression by the disc herniation.

Some statistics of Low Back Pain and how it could be related to degenerative disc disease and herniated discs:

  • Most common complaint among adults
  • Lifetime prevalence in working population up to 80%
  • 60% experience functional limitation or disability
  • Second most common reason for work disability
  • Despite advances in imaging and surgical techniques Low Back Pan prevalence and its cost are relatively unchanged
  • 90% people age >50 have degenerative disc disease

If you are suffering from or have recurring bouts of back pain caused by spinal injuries, the ELDOA METHOD is what you need! These postures will alleviate your symptoms by addressing the cause at the source of the problem. Attending the ELDOA METHOD Classes will decompress your spine and reinforce ideal posture so you can help reestablish a healthy spine!


Guy VOYER DO developed an ELDOA exercise for every articulation in the spine starting at the base of the skull and ending with the sacro-illiac joint. Disc compression existing at any level of the spine can be addressed through a specific ELDOA exercise. ELDOAs are not limited to just the spine. There are ELDOA postures for all joints of the sacrum and pelvis as well as the shoulders and skull.

ELDOAs are postural self-normalizing techniques designed for widening the space within a chosen articulation. This is accomplished by creating fascial tension to fix the vertebra below and contraction in extreme range to normalize the vertabra above the targeted disc. For example, it is possible in one minute a day to relieve disc compression between T6-T7 or even more specifically at the base of the long arm of the left sacroiliac joint. It is possible to create more room in a particular articulation with an exact position adapted to each person.

ELDOA postures are very specific compared to other techniques. If a client experiences pain because of compression between the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral, the de-coaptation position should target this exact level and not the one above or below.

Myofascial Stretching is the safest and most effective way to create space and balance in the body. This technique of stretching is extremely advanced because of its specificity to correct the body’s tensegrity through the fascial chains and it’s solicitation of the nervous system.

All muscles are wrapped in an aponeurotic sleeve and connected with each other through numerous fasciae. Everyone knows about muscle stretching; however, it is difficult to stretch a muscle if it is wrapped in a leathery sleeve which does not give. It is better to consider each muscle as links in chains extending throughout the length of the entire body. The goal of every Myofascial stretch is to put into tension the fascia that encases the muscles in order to normalize the length and function of the fascial chains. When you do Myofascial stretches, you correct structural imbalances and release tension across the joints which reduces inflammation and pain.

The flexibility gains from Myofascial stretches will improve your mobility, and overall health. As you become more flexible, you’ll find that you have better posture, greater range of motion, that you are able to perform tasks with greater ease, and you’ll suffer fewer injuries.

Wednesday’s at 6pm

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Introducing New Superhero Trainer – Bryan Harrelson

Bryan Harrelson has been practicing massage since 2011 when he graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage where he studied the Swedish and deep tissue modalities.  He has also studied with Fred and Cheryl Mitouer learning Transformational Bodywork techniques.  Bryan specializes in creating a total experience that includes relaxing and therapeutic elements.  He also enjoys working with aromatherapy.  So whether you need to just decompress or whether you need deep muscle work or whether you need a little bit of both, Bryan can create an experience catered to your needs.

Why We Don’t Heal

We will explore how stress, organ function, and an unhealthy gut can inhibit your ability to HEAL

This lecture will cover the following topics

–       The C.H.E.K Institutes  1,2,3,4  and 6 principal approach to healing and wellness

–       Our attachments to pain

–       Leaky gut and the dreaded paunch belly

–       Leaky gut and inner unit function

–       Leaky gut and how it can cause seemingly unrelated pain in the body

–       Stress and how it relates to leaky gut and exercise selection

–       What to do about it

Please join Jator Pierre at Ascend Body Saturday Sept 26th 12-2pm


What is BodyTalk? FREE Lecture Series

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare™

BodyTalk helps your body function as a whole. BodyTalk identifies where communication pathways have become compromised from stress, trauma and injury. It then restores this communication enabling your body to heal itself. When all the parts and system of your body are “talking” you can live your best health and express your greatest potential.

BodyTalk is a far reaching and comprehensive healthcare system.

  • FREE Demonstration Sessions
  • Learn a technique to balance the brain and manage stress
  • Receive a discount on your first series of sessions

3rd Wednesdays

Aug 20 stress, emotion & hormones
Sept 17 chronic pain & depression
Oct 15  allergies & intollerances

7-8:30 pm Lecture
8:30-9 pm Demonstration Session

Ascend Body
2973 16th Street
4th Floor

For more information or to schedule a session visit:

Jiva Vinyasa Flow with Julie Beckerman

Jiva Vinyasa Flow with Julie Beckerman
Saturday May 17th at 4:30 PM
$14 per person w/ option to buy 5 classes get 1 FREE

Join Julie to create a union between your breath & movement & connect with your natural body rhythms.  This class is for students of all levels.

Julie will guide you through an exploration of your own practice and aims to bring you closer to your true sense of vitality.

Please register for this class by emailing:

Ascend Body Welcomes Mark Haviland, CMT

We are excited to announce that Mark will be offering transformational bodywork at Ascend Body. He has a dynamic body-based approach to healing that facilitates the exploration of shadow, misperceptions and unconscious defense mechanisms -all of which are held in the body. Book your first session TODAY!

A decade ago Mark went through a near death experience which catapulted him into the depths of his own soul, the trenches of the human experience and a long expedition through the healing arts. Through his own healing crisis he learned several techniques and modalities while surrounding himself and studying with many master teachers.

Over the past several years Mark has begun to teach with his mentor Dr. Fred Mitouer in Northern California and has been traveling the world doing his healing work. Just recently he has come back from an epic journey through India and the largest slum in Africa while sharing his healing touch and years of experience accompanying people through their shadow, misperceptions and unconscious defense mechanisms, all of which are held in the body.

With his attuned touch, sense of humor and presence, Mark shares a unique technology of freedom through his bodywork—evoking, activating and connecting people to their own souls and their true purpose.

Book your first session TODAY!

Stress Reduction & Relaxation Through The Holidays

Did you know that the average American spends 42-hours per year on holiday activities? That’s one standard workweek spent shopping, wrapping presents, attending holiday parties and traveling from place to place — all squeezed into your already busy schedule! This holiday season, we want to help you take the pressure off. During the months of November and December, Ascend Body is offering a weekly Reiki Clinic to help you get through this stressful time period. One of the greatest health benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing ability to improve and maintain overall wellness.

Our bodies are more than just a collection of functioning parts. Everything, as well as the body and its organs, generates a frequency. If our life force energy is low or blocked, we are more likely to get sick or injured. Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands technique that is used to restore a more balanced energy flow throughout the body. This simple, non-invasive healing system works with the Higher Self to promote the health and wellbeing of the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Reiki treatments:

  • Create a state of peaceful, deep relaxation that allows the body to release stress and tension
  • Accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Stimulate and support the immune system
  • Detoxify the body
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Provide relief from pain
  • Promote better sleep
  • Increase vitality
  • Dissolve energy blockages
  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Help spiritual growth and emotional clearing

Reiki complements all other types of medical and therapeutic treatments, increasing their efficacy. It is not specific to any particular type of disease or condition. Because it works on the entire self, it may be successful in all types of physical, emotional and spiritual healing depending on your needs. If you are already in good health, regular treatments can enhance your ability to respond to unhealthy elements in your environment and help you manage stress. Reiki is great as a preventative medicine, promoting the harmonious distribution of energy. However, it is not a substitute for consultation with a physician.

Leslie Hyun Kim is a Third Degree, Master Reiki Practitioner trained in the Usui and Karuna Traditions. Her energy work is a powerful combination of pranic (hands-on), crystal and sound/vibrational healing.

Fridays in November and December
30-minute Session for $40

Please contact Leslie Hyun Kim ( for more information and to schedule your session.