Carne Asada Paleo Breakfast Tacos

By MarvinJanuary 6, 2016

Save time with this delicious recipe by either making the Paleo Tortillas ahead of time, buying some paloe-friendly tortillas, or skipping the tortillas all together and going for the lower-carb lettuce leaf version!

Recipe credit: Marla Sarris



  • 8 Paleo taco Tortillas or Lettuce Leafs
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 1 bunch swiss chard, chopped
  • 2lb grass-fed flap steak
  • coarse ground sea salt, to taste
  • 6-8 large organic eggs (use 2 eggs/person)
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • fresh cilantro


  1. If you haven’t done so already, prepare the taco-sized Paleo tortillas and set aside.

  2. Place a large cast-iron skillet over medium heat and add sliced onion. Cook 7-10 minutes until they start to caramelize and add swiss chard. Stir to combine and cook until chard is wilted and onions are done. Transfer chard & onions to a bowl and set aside.

  3. Use kitchen shears or a knife to slice steak into strips. Season the meat with a sprinkle of sea salt and transfer it to the same cast-iron skillet you just emptied. Cook the meat over medium heat, turning once throughout cooking, until it reaches your desired degree of doneness. Note: If you’d like to wait until the meat is done you can use the same skillet, to save on dishes. Or while the meat is going you can pull out a new skillet to cook the eggs at the same time as the meat.

  4. Depending on the number of people you’re serving, crack 2 eggs/person into a large mixing bowl and whisk to combine.

  5. If not using a cast-iron skillet, melt your choice of fat in the bottom of the pan, over medium heat, before pouring the eggs in.

  6. Use a spatula to move the eggs away from the edges of the pan. If the eggs start to brown, lower the heat to medium-low, and let eggs cook until fully cooked. Remove eggs from heat and set aside.

  7. Now that all the cooking is done, it’s time to prepare your tacos. First lay a couple tortillas down on the plate. Lay a slice or two of steak down in each tortilla. Top with a scoop of sautéed chard and onion followed by a scoop of scrambled eggs and garnish each taco with a slice of avocado, a sprig of fresh cilantro and a pinch of sea salt. Once all your plates are prepared, you’re ready to serve.

  8. Store leftover steak and vegetables in a glass storage container in the fridge.

  9. Enjoy! 🙂