The 3 Major Benefits of Rotational Movements

By Shane YoungSeptember 24, 2018

Hey Ascend family!

You know, coming from the world of classic body building I wasn’t really used to a lot of rotational movements until I joined Ascend. However, since I’ve joined the team I’ve learned about all the cool and important benefits of rotation. Recently I just finished a RIP-trainer TRX class. There, I learned that I still don’t incorporate rotation enough in my workouts! I really struggled with some of the movements. 


One major reason behind my struggle was that I was missing core activation and stabilization of certain muscles. This is exactly where one of the benefits of rotational movement take place: building a strong and stable core. When we look deeper into our workouts, there’s almost no exercise that doesn’t use core activation. It doesn’t matter if we talk about some rows, benchpress or squats: Our core stabilize our spine and prevents injuries. Unfortunately most of us are missing this activation so as a result we end up with back pain because our abs are to weak to stabilize our spine in a neutral position or we just don’t have the body awareness to notice that our core should be activated. 


A second cool thing about rotational movement is that we can work dynamically and functionally by not just working different muscle groups at the same time, but primarily by working synergist and antagonist muscles at the same time. The rotation in a cable row allows your body to move fluently and in a full range of motion which you couldn’t get by working just in one dimension. The truth is our bodies are designed to move in different dimensions and not just to lay on a bench and press a weight up. In the end, we need both: Laying the foundation trough lifting heavy and getting stronger, but also twist our spine and stretch our muscles trough rotation.


Last but not least, trough rotation you can increase your hip mobility. So many of us are super tight in our hip flexors and other muscles around your hip, because we’re sitting all day and not moving our hip enough anymore in all the dimensions. Also as a result we’re ending up with weak butt muscles. To work on that we have to make our spine mobile again by twisting with our spine so these muscles get a nice stretch. If you think this is not necessary than ask yourself how long you can sit down in a squat with your heels on the ground. The squat is one of the most effective and best movements you can do and it should be possible for each of us to be down there for at least 2 minutes straight without any pain. Oh and if you down there, why don’t open up your thoracic spine with a nice twist chest opener :).


Remember: Rotation is present in so many movements we do during daily tasks. So work for a strong core and a mobile spine. We’re looking forward to help you with a tone of rotational exercises here at Ascend to reduce back pain and prepare your body for daily challenges. #rotate


Marvin 🙂


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