MARK HAVILAND: Anatomy of Emotion Workshop

Mark Anthony Haviland C.M.T., founder and owner of Beyond Bodywork will be leading this multi-dimensional workshop with lecture and a collaborative hands on study of the Chinese Five Element System (which bridges the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies), Meridians and the potent acupressure points in the body. Included in this 6 hour condensed course there will be self care techniques using QiGong, stretching and self massage. All material covered will have a focus on how and where emotions are held in the body, with specific techniques of how to move blockages in the body with awareness and heartfelt touch. This is designed for anyone, however highly beneficial for personal trainers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, psychotherapists and anyone in the health and wellness fields. Again, this workshop is designed and presented for anyone to participate, sink in deeper to a more full sense of wellness and be empowered.

“All emotions are stored in the body. When left unattended these past experiences can cause blockages and dis-ease. Marks works with every client to process, decompartmentalize, and weave together that which is held in the soul, psyche, and body.” – Beyond Body Work

Admission: $75

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